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I'm an old fashioned gal at heart. I like reading books and making things with my hands. I prefer walking to driving a car. And I'd much rather get mail in the letterbox than an email in my inbox. 

I found all these packets of letter writing paper and matching envelopes in my desk drawer. I bought them years ago when the girls were into writing letters to their friends. There's something magical about opening the letter box and seeing a letter inside addressed to you. Especially if the envelope has been written by hand and isn't a bill!

My mum was chatting to one of my girls the other day and she said when she moved to Melbourne in the late 1960s there were two mail deliveries a day. Now we're lucky to get two mail deliveries a week. Oh, how times have changed. Luckily you can still send letters and buy gorgeous stamps to put on the envelopes. I went into the post office and asked to see their range. At the moment they have a beautiful bird emblems series of stamps with a bird for each state of Australia. I bought up big and got the three birds they had left. I loved the stamps so much I'm thinking of buying a first day cover for them.

Writing letters to friends on beautiful stationery feels like a way we can connect with each other right now even though we're all social distancing. I miss my beautiful friends but when I picture their faces as they open their mailboxes to see a letter from me, I feel all happy inside and like we're not so far apart after all.