The Pocketry Almanack Issue 2

Finger Puppets

IP - Finger Puppet 1

IP - Finger Puppet 2

IP - Finger Puppet 3

IP - Finger Puppet 4

IP - Finger Puppet 5

These furry fellas are winging their way to some little friends of mine.

I got the pattern for the puppets from the wonderful book Mrs Echidna's Dilemma by Betty Johnston. The book is based on a beautiful quilt Betty sewed. On the right hand side pages of the book are the story and on the left hand side facts bout echidnas. At the end of the book are finger puppet patterns for all the animals in the story as well as a DVD.

I've had so much fun sewing them together and each puppet I made became my new favourite. I even learnt a new stitch - chain stitch for the kookaburra's wings. I got so inspired making the puppets in the book I'm planning to add some animals and do extra birds with different beak shapes as suggested in the book.