Unleashing Your Poetic Voice

Art Is Workshop

I attended this amazing workshop on Saturday, facilitated by Melbourne spoken word legend Amy Bodossian. The workshop was part of the Art Is... Festival based in Horsham, Victoria. Like most events, the festival has reimagined itself and gone online this year with a great series of events and workshops.

I've got a soft spot for Horsham and the Wimmera. My mum is originally from Jeparit and I spent a lot of time under those huge skies when I was growing up. I'm hoping I can get to the festival next year in person once all the restrictions are over.

With the beauty of the internet the poets and writers came from all over Australia for the day. It's not the same as being in the same room or chatting over a cuppa in the breaks but it was still good. And perhaps in some ways it's easier to feel brave about sharing your work when you are in your own home, your place of comfort. With a screen separating you it doesn't feel as intimidating to read your work as when you are face to face.

It was soooo good to spend a whole day with other poets, writing and sharing our poetry. There is an incredible energy that happens when creative people get together to make art. Amy was a wonderful facilitator and she created a beautiful, safe space for everyone to feel confident and comfortable with sharing their voice. 

And I have to say a huge thanks to Sarah and Alistair, organisers of the festival for creating such an amazing program of events. I'm also going to be doing the Get It Out There poetry slam on 25 June.