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This is what happens when you go to the mall to buy your daughters sneakers because even though it's lockdown and we have nowhere to go, their feet are still growing.

Right across from the sneaker shop there was an art shop. With a sale. Fifty percent of EVERYTHING! Sorry for shouting, I'm still very excited about it!

I think I was pretty restrained, all things considered. I only bought two of everything. Well, actually that's not true. Now I'm wishing I had bought two of everything!

I bought some great watercolours and watercolour paper. I also got a quick lesson in watercolour paper composition. For those of you who are interested, hot pressed watercolour paper is smooth, cold pressed watercolour paper has some texture and bumps, and the rough watercolour paper has been air dried. I can't wait to try out the Chinese rice paper. It looks very intriguing.

I also got a gorgeous half pan watercolour set, lots of stickers because, well stickers ('nuff said), scratch pads, sketching pencils and customisable wooden postcards. Can't wait to play with them all!