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Back To School

IP - Back to School

Since I wrote about being filled with doubt about my poetry, I've been going out every day for bike rides and spending time at the lake watching the birds and drinking in the sky and the clouds. I was going to say breathing in the fresh air except I'm not doing that at the moment as I have to wear a mask as part of the stage 4 lockdown requirements we currently have in Melbourne. However, I am very grateful that we are still able to go outside for an hour each day to exercise.

We're in the middle of a cold snap at the moment as winter gives its last gasp but the days are getting longer, the trees are blossoming and the birds are going nuts. It's hard not to get caught up on the excitement of all the new growth and life around me. It feels like spring is just around the corner and so is the time for new beginnings.

I decided I could sit around moping all day about the sorry state of my poetry and my perceived lack of writing skills or I could do something about it. I'm at my best when I'm taking action and doing something positive to change my circumstances. I'm not really the kind of person who can sit still doing nothing for ages. Far too boring when there is os much to learn.

And that's exactly what I'm going to be doing - learning. I've signed up for a couple of poetry courses to improve my skills, learn new things and have something to occupy myself for the next little while of lockdown.

The first class is Sharpened Visions with Douglas Keanney over on Coursera. A fellow poet from my poetry writing group put me on to this one. The good thing about it, is you can do it whenever works for you. I've done the first lesson so far and it was amazing. Douglas is very funny and he has a great way of explaining the structure of poetry. Thanks for the tip, Lee!

The second class is What the Light Tells, an online poetry class with award winning Ausralian poet Mark Tredinnick. He's running a Monday evening and a Wednesday morning class starting next week. Can't wait to start!

With any luck the learning and daily bike rides should keep me sane. Are you learning anything new right now?