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Little Felt Friends

IP - Felt Friends 2

IP - Felt Friends 1

IP - Felt Friends 3

IP - Felt Friends 4

Here's some more felt friends finger puppets inspired by the book, Mrs Echidna's Dilemma, by Betty Johnston. I've had so much fun sewing these little creatures.

When my first daughter was two we were living in Sydney and joined a wonderful playgroup where the mamas and papas did craft while their children played and listened to stories. She's now 14 years old and I haven't done any hand sewing for years.

I'm really enjoying getting back into the groove of blanket stitch and sewing with wool felt. I love how it feels under my fingertips and the way the puppets come to life as I am making them. I'm even overcoming my aversion to sewing on eyes - lots of my girls' felt toys don't have eyes on them because they're fiddly and impossible to get exactly the same as each other. 

I'm letting go of that perfectionist streak and embracing the slightly wonky eyes and the charm of handmade.

The blue tongue lizard is my current favourite. What's yours?