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Counting the Beat

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I've just finished the second class for What the Light Tells, the poetry masterclass currently being conducted by Australian poet, Mark Tredinnick.

It's great to be back in a classroom, learning about poetry and hearing from my fellow student poets. There's a big range of ability in the class from beginners to award winners.

Each lesson we are exploring different forms and then during the week that follows writing a poem to one of the forms.

I'm finding that the rigour of counting lines and syllables is forcing me to be more creative with my expression and choice of words. It's quite strange because on the surface you'd think free verse - where you can write whatever you want, however you want - would be better or easier but I'm finding the opposite is true. The constraints of form are freeing my writing and taking it in new and better directions.

I'm really enjoying the process of bending the words to fit into the structure of the form. It's fun to get an idea down on paper and than have to sculpt it into a specific shape. 

I can't wait to see what else the class brings.