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IP - Surprise

For the last who knows how many weeks I've been confined to travelling within five kilometres of my home. Yes, I am super grateful to have such a lovely home and thank goodness for a garden and a creek trail just down the way. I am grateful we are no longer living in the inner city in a flat. That would have been unbearable with two children who are finding isolation hard enough as it is. However, we all miss the horizon, the beach, our friends. It's so very hard to shatter shelter (now wasn't that an interesting typo?) in place when the weather is saying, 'It's spring. Come out and play!'

I've been feeling trapped. I know that sounds a little melodramatic but when you're an adventurer who likes nothing more than exploring new places, being confined to a five kilometre radius around your home feels like a grim sentence. I'm looking at my friend's amazing beach photos on Instagram and just itching to get my toes all sandy and drink in the salty air.

I felt like there was nothing new and exciting to see around here. I've ridden up and down the creek trail god knows how many times. Driven to the shops and back once a week for my groceries. Watched all the neighbours walk past my window. Felt like it was the same old thing day in, day out. Which in theory is very lovely and grounding or something but in reality I started going little nuts.

And then. And then I went for a bike ride with my ten year old daughter. She saw a little trail going into the bush along the creek and wanted to follow it. So we did. And what we found was a little wonderland of flowers and greenery. A haven right under our noses, waiting for us to discover it.