Craft Lessons
Let The Feasting Commence!

Craft Is Good

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You'll be pleased to know that I do actually love the leather pouch I made when I was in Tassie. It's filled with so many happy memories of the people and place where I made it. It helped me to write and post about all the things that went wrong. Somehow acknowledging all my mistakes and dissatisfactions released them into the atmosphere so I could then focus on all the good things and there are so many!

My friend taught me so many cool new things. I got to do some leather carving and stamping using some funky tools. I'm positive I have some stamping tools in a box somewhere at home (bonus!). I discovered a new tool - a style - which you can use to get your design from paper and on to leather. I used the style to carve the design on the lid of the pouch and the stamping tools to create the flower underneath.

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The pouch and straps are made from cow hide. The toggle, hook and gusset are made from kangaroo skin. The toggle is made out of one piece of leather cut and rolled in an ingenious way. I LOVE elegant design. And making it yourself and this toggle does with of those things. I never would have known about it if I hadn't been doing craft with my friend. Working with other people is so good - you get a fresh perspective and new design ideas. 

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I cut my first ever straps, sewed on a buckle and made a keeper for the buckle. For some reason I had convinced myself it was all too hard to do and I've been avoiding both for years. But really, like most things, it was super easy once I knew how.

I am super grateful for all of N's time, skills and knowledge. Most of all for his generosity in sharing his materials, tools and time. He was the best teacher - patient, funny and kind. And I have the most beautiful pouch to remind me every day that life is good and people are kind.