Strung Together



IP - Gingerbread 1

IP - Gingerbread 2

IP - Gingerbread 3

IP - Gingerbread 4

One of my favourite things about the festive season is all the baking of yummy treats. This year we're not going to Canberra to spend Christmas with my parents and my youngest daughter is very sad about not seeing her Nana and Seeya. She's been missing them dreadfully. She's determined to make Christmas at home as much as fun as it is with them. We've been decorating our place and she wanted to make a gingerbread house like the one Nana makes. A whole house felt a little beyond my abilities (and hello, witch?) so we compromised on these little guys.

I was feeling pretty tired the day we made these but Miss P insisted we all sit down together after dinner and ice them. She didn't want to be sensible (and let's face it, boring) and wait until the next day. Oh no, she was excited and full of joy and wanted to do it now! So we did.

And I am glad she insisted because it was so much fun to sit around our kitchen table, decorating gingerbread shapes. It's funny, I've been missing all the spontaneity and excitement that very small children bring and then when one of mine does, I get all resistant! Note to self- remember to follow the joy!

What holidays do you celebrate and what are your family traditions?