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Thirteen Years Underground

IP - Thirteen Years Underground 1

Did you know that some species of cicadas can live for thirteen years underground before emerging to spend a few glorious weeks in the sunshine? Scientists aren't quite sure why they have a thirteen year cycle. There's some speculation it may be to avoid predators as no other creature has the same pattern. I wonder if it has anything to do with El Niño or La Niña.

I've just spent a week doing the Writing NSW Nature Writing course with Inga Simpson. It was an intense five days of reading, learning and writing. It's the third online course I've completed since August (there's one I'm still halfway through - it doesn't have a deadline so I'm going to have to invent one to get it done!) in my quest to become a better poet. At the moment I am devouring all things poetry. Buying poetry books, doing poetry classes, submitting to poetry journals, reading poetry articles, making poetry books and so on.

I feel like my poetry writing is a bit like a cicada. It's been burrowed underground for years and is now finally surfacing to spread its wings, fly to the tops of the trees and sing.