Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover
Theme, Symbolism and Imagery

A Walking Tour

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Last Saturday as part of the Pscyhogeography and the Suburbs workshop I did with Nick Gadd at the Wheeler's Centre in Melbourne, we went on an hour long walk through the CBD to make observations, take notes and follow our senses. The brief was to notice the details, the small things that other people may miss. To look up and to look down. So often our gaze is off somewhere in the middle distance while we think about other things our stare down at our phones. 

Walking through the city is one of my favorite things to do but for a while I felt like it wasn't the right thing to do. I felt guilty, appreciating an urban environment when so much destruction of our planet is linked to cities. But I love cities. I love the energy of people hurrying to their appointments or running to catch a tram. I love wandering down little alley ways and discovering funky shops. I love the graffiti splashed walls and the quirky artworks hiding in nooks and crannies. I love gargoyles on top of buldings peering down at us. 

The truth was, pre lockdown I'd become bored with the city. I felt as if I knew it and there was nothing new to be discovered. Not true of course, there's always a detail you overlook or something different from last time. Not having been on a city adventure for a long time gave me fresh eyes with which to see. There was so much I discovered on this walk, thanks to Nick. One of his particular interests is ghost signs and he shared some I have walked past many times and never noticed.

These photos are a little record of some of the things that caught my eye. I hope you enjoy them.