You're Invited!
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I'm an old fashioned gal at heart. I adore vintage furniture and ephemera like suitcases, hat boxes, shoe lasts, tie clips and butter knives with bone handles. I also haver a thing for graphic design so it made perfect sense to combine these two loves and create a postcard to send to friends and family for the upcoming launch of Pas De Deuxmy second collection of poetry.

I've recently become a bit of a font geek and have been obsessing over the best typefaces to use for my designs. I'm still not 100% sure of the distinction between a typeface and font even after reading the excellent book Just My Type by Simon Garfield which I got for Christmas last year. Designing the invitation for my launch, however, was a breeze because I just had to use the fonts which I had already used for the cover of the book itself. For those of you interested in such arcane, matters I used Playfair Display for the heading and Montserrat Classic for the sub headings. I set the text on the back in Bodoni FLF.

It was great to sit down with my address book, a pile of postcards and some stamps and write out all the invitations. And then of course the fun of opening up that great big red box and putting the postcards inside. Isn't it marvellous that all you have to do is stick on a stamp and then your letter gets taken all around the world?