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IP - From the Inside Looking Out

Yesterday I headed to Geelong for the launch of the Geelong Writers' Antholgy, from the inside looking out. It was hot but the afternoon drive from the hills to the ocean wasn't too bad once I'd cleared the city and was heading out of town along the highway.

It was a fabulous evening and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Geelong Writers Inc committe and listening to all the winning entries from last year's competition. They were a welcoming and friendly bunch and it was so good to be able to travel and see people in person. It's funny how much I used to take this for granted, pre-pandemic. Now I am super grateful whenever I get to travel beyond my 5km radius, super grateful to be able to see people in the flesh rather than pixelated on a screen. It really is the simple things in life that are the best!

The anthology itself is gorgeous, inisde and out. It has a fabulous cover, the fonts are brilliant and the typsetting is fantastic. It's a hefty tome at 311 pages and is filled with science fiction, flash fiction, memoir and short story. Two of my poems - Apis and We Ride the Night - are included in the anthology.

I have been dipping into it since Friday night. A huge thanks to the Geelong Writers team and all the judges for their hard work.