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Last Saturday as part of the Pscyhogeography and the Suburbs workshop I did with Nick Gadd at the Wheeler's Centre in Melbourne, we went on an hour long walk through the CBD to make observations, take notes and follow our senses. The brief was to notice the details, the small... Read more →

{Image Credit: Not Very Quiet website} I love the title of this online poetry journal based in Canberra. Not Very Quiet accepts poetry from women poets of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Speaking up and having your voice heard, appreciated and valued is so important for women whose voices are... Read more →

I ususally make lentil soup but I didn't have enough lentils in the cupboard so I was forced to be creative. It's wonderful how perceived limitations can actually be blessings in disguise. They force us to look at things differently and change what we do and come up with new... Read more →