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Not Very Quiet

IP - Not very Quiet

{Image Credit: Not Very Quiet website}

I love the title of this online poetry journal based in Canberra. Not Very Quiet accepts poetry from women poets of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Speaking up and having your voice heard, appreciated and valued is so important for women whose voices are ofetn ignored, demeaned or undervalued in mainstream media outlets. To find a place where women can speak freely about vital issues and have their work read by a global audience (all you need is an internet connection) is like coming home to your family after a long and tiring day out in the concrete  jungle.

I'm so excited to have my second published poem appear in Not Very Quiet, Issue 8: Mask. You can read White Fragility here and while you're there, check out some of the other incredible poems published for this issue. There's a huge range of topics covered. It's the thing I love about prompts, everyone brings their own experiences and imaginations and the results are always eclectic and often surprising. Go on, go read some poetry, you'll thank me for it later!