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Ready, Set ... Launch!

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A big thank you to everyone who attended the launch of Pas De Deux, last night and made it such a success. 

Here's just one of the comments from last night's chat:

'Absolutely gorgeous. I love your words, and your voice - there’s nothing like hearing you read your work yourself…. Encore!' Sue Totterdell

An especial thank you to the lovely Caz Masel who launched the book and said so many nice things about it. I loved listening to Caz read some of my poems and I got a kick of hearing her compare me to Samuel Taylor Coleridge. High praise!

And of course a huge thank you must go to Stephen Matthews at Ginninderra Press who published Pas De Deux, my second collection of poetry. I am forever in Stephen's debt for first publishing the young, aspiring poet Indrani Perera (late last century as my girls like to remind me!) and for continuing to believe in my poetry, twenty-three years later.

An honorary mention must also go to Joan Fenney, editor of the journal The Crow, who battled tech issues to finally join the zoom.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of Pas De Deux or my previous collection, Defenestration, head on over to the Ginninderra Press website or visit Book Depository. You can also get your hands on electronic version if you prefer digital.