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Fifteen Years!

Art in the Bush

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I just spent the most amazing five days camping in the bush around Riddells Creek at the wonderul Wild By Nature Village camp run by Firekeepers. The last camp was in January 2020 and it's been a long fifteeen months, waiting to get back out in nature with all the wonderful people who come to jpoin in all the adventures.

This camp we had two amazing artists in residence. Trace Balla is the author of many books including our family's favourites Rivertime and Rockhopping. Claire Moslely is a creator of nature prints, tea towels and journals featuring Australian flora and fauna. My walls are already decorated with Claire's art and my bookshelves hold many of Trace's books so it was wonderful to get to make art with both of them!

They even created an art exhibition featuring the art created by villagers of all ages. There was even an opening ceremony to which you could wear your fanciest bush clothes. At the ceremony there was a gigantic canvas, clay paints and an invitation to co-create an ephemeral art work which would then be washed away by the rain.

It was so much fun, I can't wait til the next camp in Spring!