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...with one of these gorgeous bookmarks I've designed to mark the launch of my second collection of poetry, Pas De Deux, published by Ginninderra Press. I'm really not sure which design to go with. I love all three of them!

I've used the welcome swallows from the cover of my book for the front of the bookmarks. The birds then fly on to the back of the book mark where they dance around an excerpt from one of the poems (I'm being poetical here, not literal. Sadly technology hasn't advanced far enough yet for actual flying birds on bookmarks but when it does, I'll be the first in line to get some.)

I think my new favourite thing to do is graphic design. I'm addicted to the free online tool, Canva, which lets you design pretty much anything. And the great thing about the site is that there's bunch of stuff you can get printed through them for a reasonable price. So far I've had postcards (for my book launch and The Poet's Express newsletter) and business cards (for my side gig, The Pocketry Almanack) made with great results.

For these bookmarks, however, I'm going to be using a different company for the printing. Black Rainbow is an ethical Australian printer based in Victoria. They use vegetable based inks, recycled paper and solar power to produce printed materials. When it comes to looking after the planet. every little but helps.