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There's a thrill that comes when you see your words in print and your name on the cover of a book. There's also a deep sense of satisfaction and completion. You've managed to get your book this far and now it's ready to go out into the world and meet new people. I wonder if they will be friendly...

As a writer, I am looking for an audience; a reader to complete my work and connect with my words, thoughts and ideas. To dance with them as they dip into the pages. Most things I do come back to connection and writing is no different. It's just another way I can connect with the people and the world around me by sharing the things that I notice.

All I've said so far is true but creatively speaking, I said goodbye to the poems in this collection a long time ago. I still perform my favourites on stage at open mics but there are many pieces in here that I have forgotten about. However, now that I have a copy to flick through and pore over, I am looking forward to finding forgotten gems. Some of these poems were written over three years ago and opening the pages to see them again is a little like seeing an old friend after many years apart. I wonder if we will still have things in common or if we will get on?