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Last year during lockdown I compiled a collection of songs that I learnt to sing at Firekeepers' events in and around Melbourne. Some of the songs were even learnt in online sessions when I hosted song circles with my ten year old daughter. I had a lot of fun tracking down the origins of the songs, finding their creators and the original lyrics. I also included links to audio recording where I could so anyone who reads the  songbook can learn any of the songs that appeal to them. I can't read music so being able to hear a song is the way I learn it.

I printed out a copy of the songbook and bound it using some brown coloured cardboard I bought. That songbook was left with a good friend when I went to visit her so I needed to make a new copy. And being me, I decided to make a few (five actually) while I was at it. I love making more than one of something. I wanted to use some gorgeous paper for the covers and I had the brainwave of eco-dying the paper. I really don't know why I hadn't thought of it earlier. 

So all that happened last year and the books have been sitting on my desk ever since. I did bind one back in February to give to a friend's daughter for her birthday but the rest have been waiting for me to get around to them. This being the impromptu weekend of craft, I finally made them into books.

I can't wait to take one away with me next week when we go camping again with the Firekeepers' community. It's been 15 month since the last camp and we're all hanging out to be back in the bush, running wild.