Fifteen Years!
The Revision Process


IP - Triennial 1

There's nothing like leaving things to the last minute. Like going to the gallery on the last weekend (along with half of Melbourne) for a major art exhibition that only comes to town once every three years. The exhibition it turns out was brilliant, filled with all sorts of art from all over the world.

IP - Triennial 2 (Jeff Koons)

IP - Triennial 3 (Lara Schnitger)

IP - Triennial 4 (Aidah Muliuneh)

IP - Triennial 5 (Aidah Muliuneh)

It was so good that I went twice. Once on Saturday with my oldest girl and her bestie and then again on Sunday with my youngest girl. For the visit visit we only had 45 minutes for our session before closing but we still managed to cram in a lot. And I mean a lot. My highlights were the performance self-portraits by Ayana V Jackson and the art by Clare Milledge. Well of course I liked her stuff - the title of one of the works was I am a hill: where poets walk!

IP - Triennial 7

IP - Triennial 8

IP - Triennial 9 (Cerith Wyn Evans)

IP - Triennial 10 (Cecilie Bendixen)

Ip - Triennial 11 (?)

For the second visit we hoofed into town on Sunday morning and then anxiously waited in the queue to see if we would get in. The good news was we did and the queue moved fast. Miss almost 11 and I had a great time checking out the mini figurines by Tomoaki Suzuki, the display residences and recording a puppet show in the kids' zone. After that I got gallery fever and insisted on dragging her around the whole of the NGV to make sure we didn't miss a thing. It's quite a challenge as during Triennial a lot of the art works are scattered throughout the gallery's usual exhibits. On the plus side, I saw parts of the collection I didn't know existed and discovered that the gallery is huge. I mean I've been outside the building a zillion times so I know it's big but I didn't know it was that big!

IP - Triennial 12 Blue 3 (Alicja Kwade)

IP - Triennial 13

It was great to see almost everything but it was exhausting. I had to take my girl for a restorative juice and a visit to the bookshop afterwards to soothe our frazzled nerves. I think she's almost forgiven me!

IP - Triennial 14

Next time Triennial comes to town I'm planning on going to see it several times over it's run so I can take my time and enjoy it, rather than trying to cram it all in at the last minute!