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My mum was visiting from Canberra and on Sunday I took her along with my two girls to visit one of the many artists' studios that were open over the weekend in the Dandenong ranges. Three generations of women off an an adventure to see fabulous art. We only had time to visit one studio but it was a cracker and not too far from home either!

We visited the home and studio of Joy Serwylo. She's an incredible artist who has dabbled in many forms over her career. Quilting, painting and now she's making incredible cabinets of curiosisty among other things.

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I can't believe the generosity of the artists who participate in this event each year. It's so kind of them to open their homes and studios to the general public and share their work and inspiration.  We didn't get to speak to Joy as she was hosting a workshop that I was too late to book into (next year!) but even being in her home, surrounded by her art and creativity was enough to draw me into her word and fill my cup with beauty. Joy has created a very rich and layered home filled with art and handmade goodness.

She's inspired me to have a go at making my own wunderkammer. I'm super excited and bubbling with the anticpation that comes with gathering the things you need to start a news adventure / craft. Because aren't they the same thing?