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Even though I'm supposed to be in Sydney this weekend and I'm not. Even though I'm supposed to be seeing Hamilton, The Musical this afternoon and I'm not. Even though I'm meant to be catching up with relatives and I'm not. Even though I'm not getting to do all those... Read more →

I'm super excited to have not one, but two poems appearing in Legacy, Issue 32 of the Indian journal, Teetsa Review. It's the first time my poetry has left these shores (if you don't count the copy of my first book, Defenestration which is at my Uncle's house in Panadura,... Read more →

Isn't it funny how last week I was posting about all the rejections I've amassed from literary journals over the last couple of years and then this week, for the first time, I received more acceptances from journals than rejections (2 to 1). When I got the now inevitable rejection... Read more →

Art is everywhere you look. It's in sunlight on the clouds. In the way the person in front of you walks. In the curve of a child's cheek. In the leaves on the trees and the call of a bird. In this case, art was in the old telephone booths... Read more →

As a writer the one sure thing about your work is that you'll get rejected, countless times, before you're accepted. The above picture is a list of the poems I submitted in 2020 via the Submittable platform which is used by many literary organisations. There were also a whole bunch... Read more →

I'm excited to announce that the Belgrave Book Barn are now stocking my poetry collection, Pas De Deux. I'm super excited that Natalie and the team at Belgrave Book Barn have made room on their shelves for my book. It's one of my favourite shops with a great range of... Read more →

I spent yesterady afternoon at the Motley Bauhaus in Fitzroy listening to a fabulous range of poets strutting their stuff at the P-Word Sessions. The P-Word Sessions are a monthly event hosted by Amanada Anastasi and Anthony WP O'Sullivan. It's a brilliant event. First up is the open mic with... Read more →