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Tipping Point?

IP - Tipping Point 1

Isn't it funny how last week I was posting about all the rejections I've amassed from literary journals over the last couple of years and then this week, for the first time, I received more acceptances from journals than rejections (2 to 1). When I got the now inevitable rejection it was accompanied by the thought, 'Oh, good. Now I can send those poems in to someone else.'

I've become so accustomed to rejection and shifting my perception to view it as a positive rather than a negative that the latest 'Dear author, we received many quality submission and unfortunately on this occasion yours wasn't successful' email didn't ruin my week or even my day. In fact, it's become a bit of a game of finding the right home for my poem.

I'm still in the early days of doing this so I'm not entirely sure which poems are publication worthy but I know the poems that I am proud of and the ones that I like. So they're the ones I keep on sending of to different publications, hoping for a home. And that's exactly what happened this week with the two journals that accepted my work. The poems I sent to them had already been sent to other journals and been rejected. The editors of the journals that accepted those poems got what I was trying to say. And that's my job as a poet — to find those publications where my work resonates with the people running it.

I'm wondering if this is a tipping point. It may not be but either way, it was a nice feeling and I'm going to soak up all the goodness and revel in the acceptance!