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Art is everywhere you look. It's in sunlight on the clouds. In the way the person in front of you walks. In the curve of a child's cheek. In the leaves on the trees and the call of a bird.

In this case, art was in the old telephone booths at Adelaide Railway station in (you guessed it) Adelaide. They've taken the old wooden telepone booths built into the wall near the entrance to the platforms and turned them into display cases for local artists.

I discovered it last week when I nipped out of lunch to photograph the gorgeous neoclassical building which houses the station and was built from 1926-1928. The building cost so much money it almost sent the state broke. It became known as Webb's Palace after the man responsible for building it, Railway Commissoner William Webb. 

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The artist currently being featured is Tom Moore, an Australian visual artist specialising in art glass making. His hybridised animla/plant scupltures are technically challenging and super engaging. He responds to ideas of the antipodean, the inverted other and wonder for the exotic. His work has precursors in Italian capriccio glass of the 15th century and the illustrations of the English artist Edward Lear.

It was such a joy to stumble across these vistas into an imagined reality while I was intent on photograping the building. They put a smile in my heart and I carried them home with me.