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Cabinets of Curiosity

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As you know, cabinets of curiosity (or Wunderkammer as they were originally known) are my latest craft obsession. 

Cabinets of curiosity originated in the Golden Age of Exploration (1400 - 1600s). Intrepid European explorers were discovering 'new' lands and bringing back all manner of curious specimens. Wealthy collectors displayed their collections of exotic and rare objects from foreign parts in special rooms known as cabinets. The collectors would share their curios with their guests. These collections were the precursor to modern museums. In fact,  Hans Sloane's collection was so huge it ended up being the start of the British Museum.

These collections were organised into categories of: artificialia (manmade objects), naturalia (shells, skulls, monsters), exotica (exotic plant and animal specimens) and scientifica (instruments and tools).

I've always been a collector of curios, nick-nicks and gadgets. Now that I'm keen to make my very own cabinet of curiosity I have an excuse to indulge in this passion hobby obsession. Collecting the bits and pieces is half the fun!