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Second Feature

IP - Second Feature

Last night was incredible. Listening to all the amazing poets on the open mic as well as sharing the stage with my fellow feature Helen Bradwell at Open Studio in Northcote. Open Studio is a warm, cosy and friendly venue that has hot drinks, crepes and snacks as well as alcohol. Laura is a fabulous compere and Anna Forsyth of Girls On Key does and amazing job behind the scenes to create the events. I'm still buzzing!

I was super nervous as it's been over two years (almost to the day) since my first and only other feature for Melbourne Spoken Word's Fresh Voices. As I stood behind the microphone last night reciting My Words from my latest collection, pas de deux, I could hear my heart thundering and pounding away.

After a while it receded and I settled into the groove — reading from my book, sharing poems published elsewhere as well as reading poems by wonderful poets who I have published in the Pocketry Almanack. Before I knew it I was approaching the end of my set and feeling like it was all over too soon. My 11 year old daughter was right when she said you've spent all this time preparing, practicing and rehearsing and it will be over in a flash.

I can't wait to do it all, again!