Wye River
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A Walk in the Woods

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Staying at Wye River was incredible. When we came back from our day trip down the coast, we saw a kangaroo standing at the back of our cabin. The next day a three year old girl was walking on the grass outside the cabin, following a koala who was looking for a tree. The koala ended up climbing the tree opposite our cabin and letting out some grunts to claim its territory. Or maybe it was letting its friends know where it was. We also had some king parrots come on to our verandah to say hello as well as cockatoos who loved to perch on the roof and click clack their claws.

On our last full day we went for a walk along the mountain bike path and the lovely G was nature man, spotting all sorts of creatures. His best animal spotting for the day was an echidna snuffling ants just off the track!

If I ever had to recommend somewhere for overseas visitors to visit to see native wildlife, I would tell them - go to Wye River! It's incredible.