A Walk in the Woods
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Grand Plans

IP - Grand Plans 1

I had grand plans for our family get-away to Wye River. I was going to get up early and swim in the ocean every morning. I imagined the salt water cleansing and washing away all the stress and anxiety of the past year (As if it's the ocean's responsibility to care for me.) I pictured myself sitting on the warm sand, starting out to sea, letting my gaze linger on the horizon and feeling my shoulder relax as I shed the weight of houses and people that surround me at home.

In reality, it was cold, much colder than Melbourne, and overcast a lot of the time so I didn't feel much like swimming. And if I'm honest, after all the busy and dong of 2021, I just really wanted to sit and do nothing. So that's what I did.

I spent a lot of time sitting on the couch in the photo and gazing at the hill covered in trees outside the window. Miss Eleven spent all her time making friends and playing survival tag on the giant air pillow. Miss Fifteen hung out in the cabin, chatting, playing guitar or listening to music on her phone.

I did some reading, some snoozing and an awful lot of staring out the window. Oh and I ate a hell of a lot of chocolate! It was so peaceful. I miss it already!