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I had grand plans for our family get-away to Wye River. I was going to get up early and swim in the ocean every morning. I imagined the salt water cleansing and washing away all the stress and anxiety of the past year (As if it's the ocean's responsibility to... Read more →

I started this morning slightly foggy headed from getting up early to work before the rest of the house awoke. Serendipitously a space opened up for me to take part in the online Creative Future Eco-Poetry workshop with Rachel Burns. It's part of the Gingko Eco-Poetry Prize in conjunction with... Read more →

If you live in Victoria and you're not already a member of Writers Victoria, go join it right now! Don't worry, I'll wait here till you're done. Oh good, you're back! Now why did I want you to join Writers Victoria? Well they run a great bunch of courses throughout... Read more →

It's a Christmas tradition in our house for the girls to make presents for all those lovely grandparents, uncles and aunties who buy them gifts each year for their birthdays and Christmas. Over the years they have made bookmarks, paintings, aprons and reusable bags. This year the decision of what... Read more →

Creativity is a strange beast. I always forget parts of the process until it's time for them to happen again. It's like my mind has a series of rooms that lock themselves when I exit and I don't get the key until the next time I need to enter the... Read more →

It's been another epic year of uncertainty and anxiety, holding and pivoting. Living through a global pandemic in the world's most locked down city has been mundane and banal. A little like Groundhog Day and a lot like not feeling bothered to do anything. My teenaged daughter is heavily into... Read more →