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It's a Christmas tradition in our house for the girls to make presents for all those lovely grandparents, uncles and aunties who buy them gifts each year for their birthdays and Christmas. Over the years they have made bookmarks, paintings, aprons and reusable bags.

This year the decision of what to make was easy. A few months ago Miss Eleven bought a candle making kit from a supermarket and we all loved the candles she made. It helped that I already had essential oils on hand from my organic perfume making days at Legato.

We've done a lot of candle making over the years using beeswax from my father's bee hives as well as beekeeping suppliers. There's something magical about the golden glow and rich smell of honey wafting through the room.

But you know me, I love experimenting and playing with new materials. That thrill of discovery and feeling of newness fills my soul with gladness. It's the perfect antidote to the monotony of lockdown!

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The biggest difference for these candles is that they have been make using soy wax. For years I've been anti soy wax for no real good reason except a residual dislike of soy products in general. After reading about how beeswax can contain pesticides etc (which makes sense if you think about it and from now on I'm only buying organic) I was much more open to trying soy. Of course the challenge now is to find organic, non GMO soy! 

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For these candles I bought some glass jars at the two dollar shop and the container in the photo from the homes wares section in a department store. My favourite find was the drinking glasses on sale for a dollar each. I'm going to gift those candles and it makes me happy that the glass can be used once the candle has been burned.

What are you making for Christmas gift giving this year?