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A Walk in the Woods

Wye River

IP - Wye River 1

I started this morning slightly foggy headed from getting up early to work before the rest of the house awoke. Serendipitously a space opened up for me to take part in the online Creative Future Eco-Poetry workshop with Rachel Burns. It's part of the Gingko Eco-Poetry Prize in conjunction with the Poetry School in London and is aimed at helping the poets who enter the competition to write better poetry. With the differences in times zones I managed to catch the last hour.

I also managed to sell a copy of the mini book I wrote for emerging poets - Pocketry's Guide to Getting Published and received an order for five bottles of Staccato, an organic blend from my Legato perfume online shop.

To round off my morning nicely I received an e-mail from Cordite to let me know that Elfie Shiosaki, the guest editor for issue 104:Kin, wanted to publish my poem, The Toddy Tappers. Pretty good for a morning's work hey? It feels like a lovely reward for all the years of work I have put into these various projects. And an example of the benefits of diversifying income streams. If only every morning could be this good!

IP - Wye River 2

I finished the day, here in Wye River, with a swim in the ocean. We were baking as we drove out of the city but I swear it was at least ten degrees cooler on the coast. I know it's all the trees, keeping things cool with their leaves and shade. It's wonderful to be here and I can't wait tp explore!