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Cut The I

IP - Cut The I 1

I have been trying to push my craft to see how good I can make my writing. It's why I do workshops all the time. I feel like an eternal student - always curious, always learning.

At the end of last year I completed the Poetics of Reticence class with Eve Grubin through the Poetry School in London. It was a fantastic 10 weeks of reading, writing, sharing and commenting on poetry. I love doing these kinds of workshops because I find being part of a group pushes me to write better things. And of course the tutor brings their expertise and particular way of looking at poetry which then informs my writing.

IP - Cut The I 2

I don't want to keep writing the same poems again and again. I want to experiment with form and play with ideas. I want to get better at saying what can't be said. At hinting at those big things that concern us all.

I find it very easy to whip up a typical narrative plainsong style poem but I am interested in learning how to be more lyrical. I want to add metaphor and beautiful language to the plainsong.

I am also interested in writing more universally and less from the perspective of indulgent navel gazing. Okay, okay, I know that's a little harsh but I'd like to write less poems that have 'I' in every other line. In fact, I'm experimenting with not using it at all.

What are you experimenting with in your writing?