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IP - Writing is Thinking

During the very first lockdown here in Melbourne in March 2020 I was filled with a sense of peace and relief at the free time I had spreading out to become large enough to breathe and craft and think. Leading up to that lockdown I had been super busy and pulled in so many different directions that I gladly took on the chance to press pause on all my commitments.

During lockdown six (!) in August 2021, I was trying to recapture the feelings of the first lockdown by doing the same things but unsurprisingly it didn't work. I didn't feel like doing the same things because I was in a different place mentally and emotionally. Instead of being relieved to be at home, I was dying to get out of the house. To be able to spread my wings, see people and explore.

And I only realised why it didn't work and why those projects are gathering dust when I started blogging here again. Writing about my experience and what has been happening for me over the last few months has allowed me to get it out of my head so I can see it clearly. Writing really is thinking for me!

How do you process what is happening to you? Do you write or move or sing?