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I woke up this morning all groggy and fuzzy (it's both a reality and a metaphor for how I've been feeling of late). The aim of getting up early was to get some work done before the kids woke up. It was my attempt to get back into the swing of things after taking January off. But the thought of sitting down at my computer wasn't appealing at all. Once I opened the curtains and saw that the sun was just getting up my decision seemed more simple - go for a ride and see the sun rise.

It feel so good to be back on the bike. There was so much beauty in the morning with the birds already awake and excited about the day. It's hard not to feel good when you hear them so busy and joyful all around you. I think it was the magpie I heard when I was still lying in bed that planted the seed for this adventure. Lying there under the doona, half asleep and hearing her carol in the dawn was a wonderful way to wake.

I stoped about a million times along the way to take photos and drink in the beauty all around me. I feel like I've been asleep to all that gorgeousness for the last month while my brain went AWOL. And now, after my morning ride through beauty, I am coming into focus.