Tidal River
Shortlisted for the Nillumbik Prize for Contemporary Writing!


Burrow -Gifting IssueBurrow is an online literary journal that is dedicated to mental health. It is published by Old Water Rat Publishing which is a family affair consisting of Phillip Hall (poetry editor) and daughter Rhiannon Hall (managing editor). They publish poetry and other micro forms on what it means to live with good or poor mental health. They feature poets at every stage but their main focus is on new and emerging poets of any age. 

Having a literary journal dedicated to mental health is vital given the current challenges facing humanity and the planet. After two years of a pandemic, lockdowns and isolation we need the solace that self care can bring more than ever. And this is a journal that is '...especially interested in where self-care intersects with such priorities as: ecopoetics, postcolonialism, ekphrasis, progressive religion & secularism.'

I am excited to announce that three of my poems are featured in the most recent issue of Burrow - Gifting (February 2022). It's humbling to be rubbing virtual shoulders with such Australian poetry luminaries as Anne Elvey and Owen Bullock.

My suite of poems is called Gifts that Bind and the poems are a different brew, binding threads and Catching Some Zeds. The first two poems are about the eco-dyed notebooks I made and you can see pictures of them in Burrow. The third poem is about giving yourself a break and taking a nap instead of ticking off more things on the never ending list of things to do.

The handmade poems bring together my twin passions of writing and making. Both creative endeavours - one featuring hands, the other head - are filled with heart. And of course, the poems speak to the joy of making things for someone you love.  I am so excited to have poems that are about my experiences of creating things with my hands published in a literary journal!

If you are in need of some self care, I would highly recommend checking out the most recent issue of Burrow.