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An Afternoon Meander And Some Eating

Leaving Home

IP - Leaving Home 1

After two years of lockdowns and pandemics, it feels so good to be leaving the state and going overseas. Even if that 'sea' is actually Bass Strait and we're not technically going to another country but another state. I'm consoling myself by thinking that if I lived in Europe, Tasmania would actually be another country!

What really matters is that I feel like I'm going on a huge trip. There have been some little camping trips around Melbourne in the last six months or so but this is the first big adventure for my little family and I in a long time. It's a chance to explore new places and discover all sorts of new and amazing things. I also get to organise and pack the bits and pieces I'll need. I love packing for adventures--condensing all my belongings into a bag (or three!) and hitting the road. The lovely G is taking our car across on the ferry and I suspect I have overpacked somewhat without the restriction of an airline baggage allowance!

I wonder what amazing things we will see and do on this trip? I can't wait to find out!