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The Edge Of The World (Tarkine Take Two)

IP - Edge of the World 1

This spot on the Tarkine Drive is billed as the Edge of the World. It's definitely remote and wild. I don't think I've ever seen surf as rough as this with rows on rows of waves dumping one after and on top of another. And there was all this foam on the beach. It looked like it was laundry day for the ocean with the sand getting a really good wash.

IP - Edge of the World 2

IP - Edge of the World 3

IP - Edge of the World 4

The rocks were amazing. All jagged edges with spots of rust and blooms of orange. It makes me want to study geology so I can say, 'Oh that's a sedimentary rock with lichen growing on it.' Or whatever is going on here. I have no idea what kind of rocks these are. 

But I do know that they are incredibly beautiful. Shaped by time, tides, wind and rain. Holding their own against the incoming waves, giving a little of themselves to add to the sand and the surf.

IP - Edge of the World 5

Sky by Cloud.

Mother nature is the best artist.