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The Singularity

IP - The Singularity 1

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On our drive from Strahan on the wild west coast to Swansea on the east coast, we stopped in Queenstown on the lands of the Palawa People to do the interactive app, The Singularity. It was created by the The Unconformity, an arts organisation creating a cultural conduit into the west coast of Lutruwita (Tasmania).

I downloaded the app while we were still in Strahan and it took us on a walk around key sites in this mining town. We had a map and a compass that used GPS to direct us from location to location. Music accompanied us as we walked through the streets.

At each stop we heard a little bit of a story dramatically told by different voices. A story reaching back from the past and into the present that took us from a house near a water tank to the lookout on top of Spion Kopf. The story was evocative and a little spooky and I would recommend this one for the older kids in your family or at least the ones that are okay with a little creepiness.

IP - The Singularity 4

IP - The Singularity 5

IP - The Singularity 6

The story had a great twist at the and it was fun trying to navigate through the streets and getting lost at times. It was great because it took us to places we wouldn't have otherwise seen on our visit. And I loved the idea of an interactive story app that guided you through a place.