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Third time lucky they say and they're right. I booked tickets to see Hamilton in Sydney last year in May and then we were locked down. I spent hours agonising over choosing our seats (stalls or balcony?) for the best view. Then took out a small loan and hit book. After all that effort and excitement we were locked down. It was a huge disappointment but we rescheduled for August and .... wait for it ....  (you know what's coming don't you?) .... we were locked down again!

I figured we'd missed our chance but then the production came to Her Majesty's Theatre on Exhibition Street in Melbourne. It's been a busy year and a challenging one too, getting used to being on the move and out and about again, so I hadn't really thought about booking tickets to see it here. But then on Thursday I suddenly got the urge to finally go and see Hamilton.

I checked for tickets online and there were three incredible seats in row G. Almost close enough to touch the actors. And Miss Twelve was already going on a sleepover at a friend's house with meant the Lovely G and I could take Miss Sixteen along to see a brilliant musical.

It was, of course incredible. The set and costumes were brilliant. The performances amazing. The choreography and singing top notch. And of course the script itself was fantastic. Imagine if every history lesson was this good?

I'm still on a high after seeing such incredible live theatre.