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IP - Calico 1

This super cute board game from Flatout Games has captured the hearts of the whole family. How could it not? After all, we are a house of cat lovers and share our home with two very funny and quirky Tonkinese cats. If you're curious, the breed is a cross between Burmese and Siamese. We have one cat that is more Burmese in nature and build. She is the adventurous one who will eat anything including broccoli and kale and she used to climb the curtains when she was a kitten. The other cat looks very Siamese and she is super vocal and loves to be with people. She also likes a good belly rub and she played fetch when she was a kitten.

IP - Calico 2

IP - Calico 3

IP - Calico 4

In the board game Calico, you are stitching together a patchwork quilt using cardboard tiles. You're aiming to group patterns together to entice a cat to come and snooze on your quilt. You can also add buttons to the quilt if you match colours. The game has a lot of intuit variety with changeable goal tokens set into each player's board. You can also choose from a range of cats. The instruction booklet has pictures and bios of each cat featured in the game.

I picked up this Kickstarter edition of Calico when I backed the game Verdant which we still haven't played! But I'm not complaining. It's great to be playing one of the new games that have arrived recently, even if it's not one of the ones that I actually backed!