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Seeing poetry in other languages really excites me. I only speak English with a smattering of German, Spanish and Sinhala (which I cannot read, yet!) so I can't understand the letters I am reading. Nevertheless, my eyes drink in the beauty of those different words while my mind wonders if... Read more →

Dad and I walked in to the village of Wadduwa this morning to do some banking and buy our train tickets to Colombo for this afternoon. My cousin is going to drive Mum and the girls plus our luggage to our hotel in Colombo where we’re spending the night before... Read more →

I'm really enjoying going on mini adventures with Dad while my girls hang out at the villa, spending some quality time with their Nana. She lives in Canberra and we live in Melbourne so they don't get to see her regularly. Dad wanted to check out the village market today... Read more →

The people who own the villa we are staying in also own a piece of land across the road. Anura, the gardener and one of the caretakers took us to see the garden today. When they said garden I was imagining lawns, trees and bushes. Like something from back home.... Read more →

One of my favourite things to do when travelling to some place new, is to check out the local supermarket and see what's the same and what's different. Every country has its own aesthetic and style. The pictures and labels on the products are different, sometimes the packaging is too... Read more →