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IP - Splendor 1

So it turns out that when your kids don't want to play games, it's actually that they don't want to play any of the games you've backed and bought! Instead, they want to obsess over a game you played at a friend's years ago and that your husband bought on impulse at the discount store up the road.

It started out with the youngest girl and I playing together. Then the Lovely G joined in and finally Miss Seventeen couldn't hold out any longer and joined us. It's been so lovely to be doing something together as a family again.

IP - Splendor 2

IP - Splendor 3

We've been playing just about every night for the last few weeks. One of the cool things about playing a game with different numbers of people is the way it changes up the strategy you need to use. I have to admit that I'm not particularly good at this game and almost always come last, in spite of the tips and coaching I receive from the girls. But I don't mind because I love that we are here, together, playing this game.