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Mantissa Issue 2 RE (March 2023)

Issue 2, Re, of Mantissa Poetry Review is finally here and it was totally worth the wait! I adore this poetry journal. The physical object itself is a work of art and the poems curated within its pages continue to expand and explode what poetry is and can do. This is audacious and genre busting publishing at its best.

If you haven't already checked it out I recommend you rush out right now and buy yourself a copy. Of course I am somewhat biased as I have not one, but two poems published in the pages of this amazing publication. Those poems are uncanny valley and Attention: Ferntree Gully, Melbourne (2020).

Even more excitingly, the founding editor Erin Lyon, asked to write a statement of poetics for inclusion in the journal. She wanted to hear all about my creative process. As you know, writing about the process of creating is one of my favourite things to do. Nutting out why exactly it is that I do the things I do. Figuring out how to get past blocks or fallow periods. And trying to capture that spark of inspiration that fires my synapses and lights up my cortex.

If you want some inspiration, garb yourself a copy of the latest issue of Mantissa Poetry Review before it sells out!