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IP - World Poetry Day 1

IP - World Poetry Day 2

I spent World Poetry Day 2023 with a group of fantastic kids ranging in age from three years old right up to fourteen. We had a fantastic morning of playing games, thinking about what poetry is and of course, writing some poems.

Some of the kids had memorised poems which they recited for all the adults and kids gathered in the cosy lounge room next to the wood stove. Can you believe it's already getting cold enough to light a fire? The smallest member of the group sang us a song and there were also some poems read from the page. Just like a mini open mic really, with a  little bit of everything. Next time it would be wonderful to se them memorise and read their own poems aloud in from of an audience.

IP - World Poetry Day 3

It's the first time I've run a poetry workshop and it was wonderful to be working with such an eager and enthusiastic group of people. They were willing to experiment and learn and we all had great fun. I can't wait to run another workshop! A big thanks to all the families who came along and made the morning so enjoyable and an especial thanks to Victoria Konash for the lovely photos.