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It was awesome to be in the city last night, in a funky little laneway bar listening to poets reading their poems from issue 2 of Mantissa Poetry Review. I have raved about this journal before - it's my favourite print journal because of it's amazing design and layout as well as the exciting content editor Erin Lyon curates within its pages.

On top of all that, Erin does a great launch with poets from the issue reading their poems plus an extended set by Sam Morley, author of Ear Shot which I just had to buy after hearing his poetry. We also heard poems from Ruby Davis, Jocelyn Deane, Guido Melo and FM Papaz.

It was great to rub shoulders with other poets and I finally got to meet the emerging Greek-Australian poet, FM Papaz who was in town from Brooklyn, USA which she now calls home. I first 'met' Papaz on Instagram and published her poem, Empty-handed, Open-hearted, in Issue 6 of the Pocketry Almanack. She is a beautiful human being and a poet to watch!

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