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Sabotage and Tradition

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I was originally put off seeing this exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria by the poster which showed a mash up of lipstick covered mouths. But my almost seventeen year old daughter was keen to go so I agreed (go on then, twist my arm to visit a gallery). I am super glad that she insisted and that I agreed to go. It was a good lesson in not judging book by its cover or an exhibition by its poster.

Alexander McQueen, Mind Mythos and Muse was an excellent exhibition of the designer's work spanning a series of collections from his career. Sadly McQueen is no longer alive and the first room of the exhibition showed the collection that was two thirds complete when he died.

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McQueen took images, be it from a medieval panting or the crystalline structure of gem stones and had them woven into fabric which was then cut and made into clothing. He used materials such as leather, wool and synthetics to create his designs which played with and deconstructed form and style - think super low crotch pants and upside-down lapels. His tailoring was equisite and made me want to visit a tailor and get a custom made coat! 

Seeing this exhibition made me want to go out and learn as much as possible about McQueen, his life, career and design process. I am fascinated with how things are done and seeing behind the scenes. I appreciated the shots of the models getting dressed and goofing around backstage.

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The gallery also commissioned Michael Schmidt to make a series of headpieces for the exhibition so we had a double dose of style and talent.