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So we have a family rule for movies where we don't watch a movie until we've read the book. In theory anyway. In reality we've seen Around the World in Eighty Days, Freaky Friday, Jumanji, Never Ending StoryPrincess Bride, The House With A Clock in Its Walls and The Help - all without ever having read the book. In our defence, most of the time we didn't realise they were books first until after we'd seen the movie.

But there are some movies where I think you need to read the book first. No, strike that, you must read the book first. Which is getting kind of tricky as there aren't a lot of movies that aren't based on books that we can watch that will appeal to the very different tastes of a thirteen and a seventeen year old.

Jane Austen has written so many books that have been turned into movies and tv series and I really want to watch them but we haven't read the books. I have to confess, I haven't read Pride and Prejudice either. So I've decided to revive bed time stories and read a chapter every night. That way we can all get through the book and then we'll have the fun of trying to figure out which adaption to watch first!