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Put a Cog In It

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It's been a long, long time since I have made anything. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever craft again. I really missed making things but I didn't have a reason to - there was nothing in particular that I really needed or wanted. And I have to admit, I've fallen into the habit of buying things at the shops in recent times because I've been time poor. It always seems like a good idea but I end up feeling a little empty when all I am doing is consuming. 

All it took to break my crafting drought was to spend time with creative, crafty people. Being surrounded by materials and handmade objects got my imagination going and before long I was asking my friend if I could use some of this leather to make a wrist cuff. It was so good to be working with leather again. Designing a pattern and using graph paper for the first time to make it symmetrical was awesome. Although the advice I had was that once the pattern was transferred to paper and cut out, it would no longer be perfect. And it was true! But I love the finished piece anyway.

IP -Put a Cog In It 4

Part of the reason I chose to make this particular piece was that it looked super simple - no sewing! Like most things, looks can be deceiving and although this project was relatively straight forward, it did take up more time than I anticipated. Partly because I embellished the original simple design by adding a line all around the edges.

I also decided to stamp some designs on the leather so we headed into the nearby town of Deloraine to find some antique clock pieces. I've had a thing for those steampunk gears for years and had a hankering to add them on to this project. My original idea was to heat the cogs and then place them on the leather to brand it. Apparently this can be super tricky so my friend's mum suggested I wet the leather and stamp it instead. It was a great idea and I am super happy with how it turned out.

Once the cuff was scribed, stamped and all the edges bevelled, it was time to dye the leather. Another first for me - I usually leave my pieces raw and let time leave it's mark on the surface of the project. Finally, I conditioned the leather wth a beeswax polish so it wouldn't dry out my skin when I wear it.

I shouldn't stress about not crafting but I do. I always forget that there are times of rest followed by times of action. The lesson here is to trust in the process. In the moment. In where you are and what you need. And sometimes, what you need is to be with other people who are doing the things your soul is longing to do. At least that's how I feel about it!